Ears Don’t Make the Man

Making his Caturday debut is the newest member of our family, Blaze Scout aka Scottie. He is a rescue cat from the Lawrence Humane Society and although we weren’t looking for full grown cat when we came across him, he chose us and we have been the better for it since.

The local humane society is an excellent facility, cats are accommodated and segregated by sociability, those that get along well with other cats are kept in free roaming areas – Catopia and Furradise which offer multi-level wall perches, climbing posts, chairs and multiple cat boxes. Those that are lacking in the social graces are kept in individual clean 2 compartment cages. The staff is great and it’s obvious that they care a great deal for each animal and spend a lot of time petting them and caring for them.

While in Catopia, we were approached by Scout. He was a sad looking little character with his little nubbed and folded ears, severely under weight, awkward, nappy furred and with a scratched up nose from fighting. He curled up in my lap and went to sleep immediately. The attendant in the room said that he was new and hadn’t really done anything other than sleep since being released from the holding area. As he laid sleeping in my arms, his little tiny cute ears and whiskers twitched. When I put him down to leave, he looked up at me and sat up on his back legs and reached to be picked up again. Walking out and leaving him with his big blue eyes and tiny little ears made me so sad. Although not what I was looking for, something about this little guy affected me so I took him home- so much for the kitten idea.Cat Clinic Presentation 5.cdr

As cats often will when under stress from change, he refused to eat that evening. He was so emaciated I spent the night worried he may not make it. A visit to the vet the next day revealed a host of issues, he had a horrible case of ear mites (normally treated at the shelter, however, Scout didn’t display any symptoms); he had tapeworms and an upper respiratory infection; which had contributed to his severe undernourishment as most cats won’t eat what they can’t smell. The biggest blow came when we learned he had arthritis, which explained his awkward walk and swollen front joints. Our vet, Dr. O’Driscoll at the Cat Clinic (a great place in an old church dedicated solely to the care and wellness of felines, I highly recommend it) called him an interesting mixture, guessing that he is a  Scottish Fold and Snowshoe/Siamese mix.


Several months later, he has overcome the respiratory infection, worms and mites, gaining a healthy couple of pounds. His fur which was dry and prickly is now resplendent, much more like that of a bunny than a cat. Best of all, he has become very active. Although the arthritis makes him run like a little tin soldier – not flexing at the joints, it doesn’t slow him down. Being just  year old, he has lots of curiosity and energy and loves to play and wrestle. Sometimes he has issues jumping as high as the other two, but we have learned he has a very loud voice. A very loud and insistent voice. If he wishes to be somewhere and cannot make the jump himself, he will simply stand next to it and start yowling. When reached for, he graciously steps into your hands like a child reaching to be picked up. logo (1)

For those interested in adopting a cat or dog in northwest Kansas, please consider the Lawrence Humane Society. They are a no-kill shelter and do do not to turn any animal away, last year alone they took in over 3500 animals and currently even have a pony up for adoption.  All cats and dogs available for adoption are spayed and neutered, have been treated for fleas, have been tested for FeLV/FIV, come with identification microchip, a free bag of food, 30 days of free pet health insurance and a complimentary wellness veterinary visit at one of many local doctors. The shelter is clean, well lit and the animals are very well cared for.  Often, there are specials where all adoption fees are waived, but they do require you meet with a counselor prior to adopting any pet. Click on the logo for more information.


36 responses to “Ears Don’t Make the Man

  1. He looks so cute with his big eyes and tiny ears. I think he’s choosed you, the best thing to do 😀

  2. If I get another cat ( doubtful .. I love them but changing a litter box for sixteen years affects one on many levels ) I will most certainly adopt… and I will keep your place and vet in mind.

    • That is true. I tried one of the self-contained-cleans-itself things. What a nightmare. I have resigned myself to litter detail. My mother always said you can have a easy life and nice things or you can have children and pets but you can’t have both unless you are rich. I should have listened 🙂

  3. Please adopt a shelter pet. We have many dogs, puppies, cats and kittens that need loving forever homes. Our adoption fee includes the spay or neuter, vaccinations, rabies (if old enough), bordetella, worming and in the case with cats, a pain shot. Our animals have been handled on a daily basis and are ready for a new home. Please come and spend some time with them.

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