There is nothing that echos post Apocalypse,

like Kansas in the winter time. 

Stranger Creek

Barren of snow to cloak her naked landscapes

that have even leached the blue from the sky above. 

Earth shades of dirt and stone punctuated with ice.

The  winter prairie is not for the faint of heart.

The wind alone will cut you to the bone

and the land is hard and unforgiving. 

A man I once knew said to me that I could wear the color brown

better than anyone he had ever seen.

“Good thing,” I replied,

I’m from Kansas. 


57 responses to “Apocalypse

      • Un peu endormie car c’est le moment d’hiberner mais sinon, tout est OK – byses à toi yo

  1. Wow!! Something weird, odd, strange, it looks like the end and the beginning…

  2. That could be in the movie “The road” (I’ve read the book too). Quite good apocalypse atmosphere and photos.
    I have to comment on this article, to know something about ◘ẅ◘’s life. How amazing 🙂 🙂

  3. Absolutely fantastic photographs, Chloe!
    I loved exploring them in detail in hi-res (Are those really rib-cages, I wondered? They ARE! Yikes!)
    Many thanks for sharing!

    • Someone or something was hungry! He he. To be honest, I think a hunter must have field dressed a deer and taken the meat and hide and left the rest for the critters. The cuts around the legs are pretty clean. About half and hour later as it started to get dark, I heard some coyote calls, I imagine it was a feast when it was left.

  4. No flu, no gastroenteritis for me. I am still waiting for Apocalypse according to St John. I just need 4 horseman, an awful beast, a few serpents… Who could help ?

  5. Our winter has had very little snow this year. We’ve had freezing fog, or rather, freezing smog, which was rather disgusting. I am still waiting for something to grab my attention for a photo this season. Not to point the finger completely at nature though, as I haven’t been out and about as much lately. Lovely photo! I will have to come back and view it larger when I am on the computer again. I am currently guilty of trying to read via the phone app.

    • Hi Natalie! How are you? Thanks for asking, I am fine, I wondered away from the computer last winter and just had not wondered back yet. I will do better at commenting on posts and I will try to start posting again. I’ve just been…uninspired.

      • I can understand, the Winter was so long and the Spring is kaput here, people get bored and need sun light…
        I’m glad to have good news from you, dear!

    • Oh thank you, but no. Cynthia Faircloth is my real name. I was very shy of using it online, but I have decided that I should not be so scared.

      Those that knew me from other sites were aware that I used a psuedonym. Chloe was my favorite cat of many years and DeGravelle is my grandmother’s maiden name.

      How have you been? It’s nice to hear from you 🙂

      • I also have to tell the truth, all the truth : Bistroman is not my real name. My christian name is Gilles. You have to pronounce it like Jill without a “d” at the beginning. Do you manage ?
        I am so happy to read you, even for a change of name. When will you be back with pictures and words ? Are you so busy at the moment ? Fed up with blogs ? No inspiration ?
        My family and me are back from Andalucia (south of Spain). We built castles made of sand there during our holidays. Are you working hard during summertime ?
        See you soon or later.

  6. Bonjour Cynthia, I really like your name, you don’t have to be shy of using it.
    What’s new in Kansas ?

    • Natalie!

      A great many things. I am moving into an old house that we have been working on and I finally have internet at home. It’s been a journey living without it. I didn’t miss it too much, but I missed my friends like you 🙂 How have you been?

      • You finally have a house? As in a house-house, with a yard, no shared walls, etc? The romance of working on ours has worn off. Now, every time something needs to be done, it’s like… groan… hahaha

      • I do. I even have a somewhat garden, with lilacs, but it needs work. The house is over 100 years old and we had to take a couple of the walls down to the bare slats and rebuild them, some of the rooms needed new ceilings and there was a bathroom floor that had to be replaced. It’s a work in progress. How have you been?

      • How very exciting! I’ll bet it has a lot of character. I’ve been doing ok. The work on ours this year went out to contractors – roof, window replacements and such. It was more than we wanted to take on ourselves. Strangely, we are now thinking of selling this this house, even as we continue to upgrade it.

      • Of course you are, as you should! You are running out of things to fix up, it’s time for something new. It is a mark of your creativity and intelligence that you are always looking for something different to entertain you, to imagine or to dream upon. I bet your house is lovely, but would you stay in that area?

      • My imagination runs far beyond what is practical for this house and neighborhood. 😛 I’ve found that home ownership means that there is always something that needs to be fixed. hahaha. We would rather not stay in this area though. We’ve been looking into warmer, sunnier locations.

  7. I like your pictures, at the far end of “The road” (I mean the book/movie). It makes me think about the Ukrainian exclusion zone, where I’ve been last year, but at the difference that in Kansas you have stone!

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