Make Thee the Corn

I had a dream. A dream that I can’t remember no matter how hard I try, save one little snippet. Bette Davis was in it. She was dressed in Quaker black and had a white close fitting bonnet. Upon her nose were some wire framed granny glasses. I had seen this Bette somewhere before and for months I puzzled over which movie it was from. Something from my childhood I was sure, but the title and the story escaped me.

The I remembered. I remembered sitting on the big gold velvet couch watching a mini-series. Oh, how I loved the mini-series that came on when I was a child. Always such a special event. All the hype that surrounded them, the cliff hanger at the end of the night. Some went on for up to a week. This one, however, was only a two night special, but it was all the more special as I was not supposed to see it.

It was one of ‘those’ shows, the ones kids weren’t allowed to watch. It was a scary show. I don’t remember how I saw it, maybe it was like the movie Willard, and I crouched in the hallway just beyond my parents sight watching from the darkness, maybe I had a babysitter, but I remember the movie. I remember it was scary and….sexy. There was a strong sexual theme, one of those unspoken “wink, wink, nudge, nudge, the adults are talking: kind of sexual themes. The pagan rituals of Harvest Home, secrets that tongues are cut out to keep, this was a true Gothic horror film. Bette Davis was fabulous in the lead and a very young Rosanna Arquette made her debut in this movie and inspired my first trip to the hair salon for an awesome wing cut.

I looked everywhere for a copy of the movie, but could only find it on VHS on Amazon so instead I opted for the book. It is out of print, but I found a decent copy for a moderate price and anxiously awaited its arrival. Of course, it arrived right in the middle of my busiest time of the year, but somewhere between training camp, a hurricane and the official start of football season I have managed to find the time to read it and I am glad I did.

Not only was the story well written and enjoyable, it brought back many memories and feelings I had forgotten that I was glad to have rediscovered. It also reminded that once upon a time television only came in 4 flavors, ABC, NBC, CBS and Public Access. Now I have over 200 channels and I can’t find anything hardly worth watching.




16 responses to “Make Thee the Corn

  1. “I have a dream” – ici en France, on connaît bien cette phrase ! Je vais attendre une traduction simultanée avant de me plonger dans ton billet ! Bonne jornée Chloé et gros bisous – yolaine

  2. Yes, I’ve made a research about this film, nothing except VHS… and ugly posters, what a pity!

    • That is very true. I happen to be reading another enthralling piece of literature right here on WordPress. I’d tell you more, but I don’t think the author has quite decided the name to call it.

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