All of a sudden

I looked around me

And found the whole world in bloom.

Then I fell in love with the universe all over again.


27 responses to “Bloom

  1. Wow! Stunning shots Chloe! Who can’t fall in love with this? Nature is just the best! πŸ™‚

  2. Bonjour. J’ai toujours pensΓ© que la Glycine Γ©tait indissociable de la patine posΓ©e par le temps sur les maisons anciennes… Jolies photos.

  3. Bonjour ChloΓ©,
    Magnifiques photos ! Paysage trΓ¨s romantique, on doit s’y trouver bien – bys yo

  4. Ok, I’m now having a good morning laugh at the Lucky Charms, albeit a tad tardy, since I never saw the notification. I hope the colorful experience was magically fantastic for you. hahahaa

    • My notifications haven’t been coming thru either, but then again it could be me. I gave my daughter my computer after she smashed hers, so my online life is almost exclusively at work (unless, like now, I use my phone) and my job is eating my life. More soon, I have missed everyone, I just wondered off as I do from time to time…

      • The “Reader” doesn’t work anymore in my world, but I don’t care. I know where my friends are.
        Come on lazy girl, I’m waiting for a new post! Have a nice evening 😎

      • Ok, I’m working on a few things. You are right, I am terribly lazy in the summer. I hate it when it gets so hot outside you sweat just walking to the car.

        How have you been, Nathalie dear? My notifications haven’t worked for a while now, either!

  5. My background is made from Erte’s work :

    Glad you like it πŸ™‚

  6. Never fear, I am not far. A funny set of coincidences set me to wandering away from the computer, but I will be back. I need to get over to your blog and catch up!

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