Sunday Drive

All of a sudden last week it got hot. Not that scorching overbearing heat of the dog days, but those warm sunny days have returned early this year and the city was buzzing with life. I have been feeling discombobulated. The team that wasn’t supposed to win the conference, ended up going to the national finals and work has once again consumed my life. One day I am at work at 5am and the next I am working at 5pm. I have promised myself that I am not going to let all the new changes become all consuming so this past weekend I grabbed my camera pack and headed to the city.

After enjoying a yummy pizza pie and a pitcher, we set out to explore. Unfortunately, when we started the truck, the check engine light came on. We checked the fluids and could find nothing amiss so we decided to just hike around on foot for a while and work off the pizza. The sun was very bright and the shadows long. After walking enough to work up a good sweat and get a little lost, we decided to return to the car and head home. Who said GPS smart phones don’t come in handy?

Not wanting to push the truck too hard, we took the surface streets out of the city. Maybe it was the full moon, maybe just the shift in the weather, but some of the things we saw  had a surreal quality to them, cheerleaders in uniform practicing at a city waterfall in an empty park, the police stopping traffic over parallel parking gone wrong. A one eyed man stood at the corner and at the end of the leash in his hand stood a three-legged dog; he waved as I tried in vain to get a clear shot as we whizzed by. Maybe the city, like me, is just feeling restless.

The truck is back from the shop. After running diagnostics; they replaced a tail lamp and reset the check engine light and pronounced it healthy. Go figure, I guess it was just the universe wishing me a happy April Fool’s Day.


15 responses to “Sunday Drive

  1. Watched the video now. Love the song! So catching! Thanks for sharing Chloe. 🙂

  2. Nice shots of our wonderful KC. Did you take the cityscape one from the truck?? I’ve been looking for a good place to get some city scape shots. Any ideas?

  3. Yes, I did! I am always scared of dropping my camera on the highway or off a bridge so I wrap the strap tightly around my hand. I think the west side and the north offer great views of the city. I have toyed with the idea of having someone drop me off on the Broadway cut off so I could snap a few then hiking to the municipal airport ramp to meet up with them, but then again, I am rather lazy.

  4. Hello Chloé, j’ai traversé l’atlantique pour venir te dire bonjour… Ici easter’s ‘week-end for children with a lot of chocolate… Oh sorry – mon anglais est déplorable, je ne le sais que trop, mais je te souhaite de tout coeur un excellent week-end pascal – Gros bisous de France et de yolaine, la châtelaine…. 😉

    • Merci beaucoup! Week-end de Pâques est calme maintenant à ma maison. Ma fille a grandi ne se soucie pas des lapins en chocolat nos oeufs de chasse, alors maintenant je dois le chocolat trop moi-même! J’espère que vous avez une belle vacances 🙂 J’ai vraiment aimé l’image que vous avez affichée sur votre blog. xoxoxo

      • Pourtant c’est bon le chocolat ! 😉
        bisous Chloé ! yoyo

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