Snow at Last!

This morning I awoke to a fresh white blanket of snow. It was a nice snow, the big fluffy kind and a decent depth; about 2-3 inches and still falling. I watched through the kitchen window while drinking the morning coffee and then raced upstairs to get dressed.

I cleaned off the sidewalks and the vehicles while enjoying the feel of the flakes tickling my cheeks and eyelashes. After waiting impatiently all winter, it was finally our turn and I was so excited. I had elaborate plans to try to sneak out a little early from work and take some great night captures with the snow.

Unfortunately, as the day warmed the snow turned to drizzle and began withdrawing as fast as it had come. It did last long enough for the Sysco grocery truck to get stuck in my driveway (despite a warning about ice near the loading dock) and to make the commute to work  challenging in a two wheel drive pick up.

Leaving work this evening I was sad to see all the gorgeous snow melting and turning to slick grey mush along the roadside. The mist was still falling and I imagine it will all be gone by tomorrow night, except of course the ice patch in the alley by the back dock where the sun never shines; to ensnare unwary delivery drivers for the rest of the season.

The rangey bough anticipated fruit
With snowballs cupped in every opening bud.
The road alone maintained itself in mud…. 

Robert Frost


17 responses to “Snow at Last!

  1. I’m glad you finally got at least a wee bit of snow, as I know you had been awaiting it. 🙂 I’m sorry to read that it melted away before you had a chance to have some fun with it. Hopefully, you’ll get another round. We’ve been clear of it here for a couple of weeks now, and are slowly cleaning up from the damage of broken trees.

    • Although I would not relish losing heat for any amount of time with no alternative means of heat, I have to admit to still having just a touch of jealousy over your picture perfect snowfall. Did you lose many trees or suffer much damamge from the blizzard?

      • We did have wood heat, but it was a pain to keep going. It was beautiful though. 🙂
        There are downed trees everywhere in our area. The parts of them blocking roads and power lines have been cleared away, but the rest of their remains are still about. On our property, it wasn’t bad. We lost some large limbs on a giant pine tree, which thankfully, just missed our house, and had some minor damage to smaller trees, which was no biggie. However, we are now puzzling over a large cedar or cypress thingie (not sure which it is) that has tipped and is now leaning over the sidewalk with its roots still planted in the ground. We tried to right it this past weekend, but it wouldn’t budge. Rude.

      • That is unfortunate, but I guess it is all part of the cycle. Dried pine can be quite nice in a wood burning stove I hear…
        Depending on your predilection of such, you may be able to incorporate your cypress thingie into a nice arch way if you could find a suitable counter support. There was a tree in my mother’s yard that leaned a little more every year due to the excessive amount of water that ran across the yard towards it. We built it into a little gazebo of sorts and to this day I always look when I am in my home town and it still stands, the exposed roots just stretched a little further and went back into the ground. It is always the tenacity of life that amazes me the most.

  2. La neige est tombée chez toi… Ici, elle est partie ! Bises de yolaine et merci pour ce bon verre d’alcool au p’tit déj !!!

    • Shh! Ne dites pas, nos patrons peut-être fou, nous n’avons pas partager 🙂 Peut-être que si je bu de l’alcool au travail je voudrais que mes collègues mieux 😉

  3. What a pity! I’m sorry for you Chloe. After 2 weeks of Siberian temperatures, the snow melted here as well.
    And you know what ? I’m happy!!

    • Nathalie, I’ll tell you why I love the snow so much. Here in Kansas we have no mountains, no sea, and when it turns to winter, everything dies and is just brown. Brown grass, brown trees, brown dirt – everywhere; but when covered in snow, it is all beautiful. Snow here is like make up on an ugly woman, it makes it look so much better. Besides, I like the crunching sound it makes under my feet 🙂

    • What a surprise! My favorite snake talking about weather …

      Don’t complain, the snow comes back this week in the northern France, and the northern wind wants us to shiver even in march…
      Fortunately, we’ve got mountains, ocean, seas all around the country, I understand anyone who desperates to miss part of that. Chloe, if your dreams are strong enough, mountains will erect from nowhere in the middle of Kansas as soon as you’ll close your eyes; and your imagination looks quiet prolific, so you can see the deepest seas in any glass of water you picture, and canyons on a truck tyre’s tracks (even if it’s bistromans’s lover)…

  4. What a nice tyre ! When I was 16, I fell in love with a flat one and never forgot him. But I should not talk about my love affairs anywhere.

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