Like my world, I am on fire.

The first in time and the first in importance of the influences upon the mind is that of nature. Every day, the sun; and after sunset, night and her stars. Ever the winds blow; ever the grass grows.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

To call this past year a little dry is an understatement. Last week I entertained the thought of giving up dusting every other day and just start shoveling once a week. Walking around the lake, it is very apparent just how dry the past year has been. Water levels are down, noticeably so. It has hardly rained to speak of since July. No fabulous fall thunderstorms, no white Christmas did December bring to us. Nothing of the normal weather we have by this time of year. The National Weather Service has declared this part of the country in a drought. Farmers in the state have recorded upwards of $1.8 million in lost crops due to the lack of precipitation by the start of the new year. The lake however, has not suffered any loss of beauty with the declining rainfall.

The unseasonably warm weather has allowed me a great many pleasurable sunset walks to enjoy this winter wonderland without the awful bite of subzero windchills. Although the temperature plummets at night, days are staying in the 40s and 50s, and the dry climate reminds me of many western winters I spent in the high desert. A time when wool sweaters & socks complement cargo shorts and the need for gloves is nil – which is good, I have never survived at winter while maintaining a full set of matching gloves. The longer I can go before breaking them out, the longer I can fool myself that this is the year I will make it.

There alone with nature, walking the waterfront, my mind absorbed with memories of things past and my dreams of tomorrow. The din of world noise that surrounds me from waking until slumber, momentarily quieted and everything wrong with the world is suddenly just as it should be. Work worries and life troubles are melted by that setting orb, and replaced softly with sun-drenched serenity, there was no ugliness of life that could not be erased by its glare. The only sound was that of the rocks under my feet and the gently lapping tide. It is in moments like that that I am truly me, the privacy of my life laid as open as the freshwater mussels that litter the banks and I am free.

As I walk along the shoreline, bathed in golden rays, I am struck by the simply beauty and balance of it all. For a moment the sun hangs perfectly in the sky; illuminating all in a radiant blaze; ice forming along the rocks catches the sun and reflects jewel-like tones onto my feet as I stand just out of the water’s reach. As I lift my face unto the light, I am at once, rejuvenated. For a moment, I stand, gazing into the panoramic winter sun, exquisitely dying into the horizon, and like my world, I am on fire.

Make up your mind

Decide to walk with me

Around the lake tonight

By my side

The Toadies


44 responses to “Like my world, I am on fire.

  1. If its as dry as you say there, you might not be the only thing on fire come spring….trees, houses…. lol 😉

  2. your photographs and invitation looks inviting – i hope after a restful night your new week runs smoothly…

    nice to meet you

    david in Maine USA

  3. Ce sont des photos que tu as prises Chloé ? elles sont très belles… J’adore ! I love – bises de yolaine

  4. Hello, 13 people liked this but only 5 wrote a comment. Does it mean they enjoyed the pictures but did not understand the words ? How comes that half of your comments are from France ?
    As far as I am concerned (old sentence learnt at school during the 80′ that may be a little old fashioned…), I never suffered from drought. I lived in the same city as ẄWẄ for 33 years (but I swear I never met her) and only one time we were not allowed to use water during opening hours. It was in 1976 and hopefully it never happened again. Now I live in Angers, we have an small lake called “Lac de Maine” but it is not as wild and as nice as yours. In case we are dry, we always have several solutions : Anjou wines, Coteau du Layon or Cointreau. Until now, we managed to survive every climatic gaps.
    Take care.

    • Well, I can tell you from growing up in Europe and then moving back to America that most Europeans are much more open with their thoughts and opinions. Americans, although loud, are rather self conscious and reserved until they know someone well. My French cousins, they say and show what they feel. If they like something, they express themselves. It’s not always like that here. I noticed back in the Myspace days, always the Europeans getting everything going, and then everyone opening up. Americans want too much to be cool, not to make a mistake or be politically incorrect. Everyone now is always so afraid of offending someone and facebook has everyone spoiled, they just hit the ‘like’ button on life! I don’t have a facebook. I think it is impersonal.

      You keep the wine, I like German whites and Spanish reds. I will take your Cointreau, we can mix it with some wonderful Tequila and lime juice and make Top Shelf Margaritas until the rain starts to pour!

      Thanks as always for your kind words 🙂

    • Take care Chloé ! Bistro sait se vendre… On trouve l’expression “as far as i am concerned” dans certaines BD françaises et on la place un peu partout… Pour certains 😉 cela donne l’impression de connaître l’anglais.. mais rien n’est moins sûr ! Ceci dit, Bistro is a very sympathetic man of corse !!!! Se you later… yolaine
      C’était juste un clin d’oeil venant de France avec toute notre amitié… bys

      • Do not believe what you read here above, I am not a man of corse… I come from Normandy where you can find wonderful stinking cheeses : Camembert, Pont-L’evêque, Livarot, Neufchatel… I have the feeling that Yo Chatodys is jealous because she only has Brie de Meaux available in her area (same as Mr Snake). Those poor people have to buy their food under cellophane films in supermarket with a bar code stuck on it. They have no idea of what is really life and think that around Paris we still live in tribes. I cannot blame them, they do not know…

      • *giggles* Sadly, America is full of food under cellophane films. I think that is why so many have problems!

        I grew up eating Neufchatel and hard rolls for breakfast! Yummy!!!

      • I do not know if you had a similar experience but I could never get a french kiss after Neufchatel. So I made a choice and decided to leave Normandy.

      • @ Bistro ! Je rêve !!!! 😉
        @ Chloé – je te souhaite une très bonne semaine –
        et bises de yolaine

      • I don’t like Brie de Meaux Bistro ! I prefer Corse’s cheeses qui explosent ! Sorry Chloé, Bistro ne sait pas tout !!!
        Je passais, je te dis bonjour et pardonne moi pour cet english calamiteux – have a very good night ! yo

    • Pour info, à part deux zombies, tous les autres speak english – excuse me Chloé je retourne sur le vieux continent…

      • Je voudrais pouvoir revenir sur le vieux continent avec vous. Je m’ennuie de l’Europe beaucoup. Je voudrais revenir, si je le pouvais 🙂

      • Chez toi c’est beau aussi ! Mais où habitais-tu avant ??? Je suis curieuse… bys

    • “13 people liked this but only 5 wrote a comment”. This is a real problem ; once I had a serious discussion with somebody who was only “liking” my posts, while I wrote long comments on his blog. And he didnt “like” what I said 🙂 🙂 (I dont see him “liking” anymore on my blog). 🙂

      • I am guilty of hitting the like button when I am in a hurry, but then later I try to come back and make a comment. Sometimes I read through my friends’ blogs while I am on the phone at work. I don’t always have the presence of mind to say something considerate, or sometimes the subject matter requires more introspect than I am capable of at that moment. I ‘like’ it, then later I comment.

  5. Nice avatar. Have a good day Chloe! We are going to have snow they say… well, we’ll see!

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