Little girl
white frock,
touches Death:
a morbid
old man,
ever so
with the
wondering sparkling
wand of


15 responses to “Curiosity

  1. Yes, of course! I admired many of your posts there! I often thought of sending you a request, but I had a bad experience with a stalker there and became very introverted and did not add many people.

    • I understand what you mean. I didn’t have many friends either. But they were nice and I try to keep their friendship.
      Enjoy “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” tonight. The problem is how to dress up for that, yeah!

      • It’s funny to find my friend miss WWW here as soon as I choose an article on that -beautiful- blog!

        I’ll certainely come back, in a far future ‘cos I don’t spend a lot of time surfing the blogs. Yours is particulary (is that word right?) elegant and interresting, thanks for the share…

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