They’re coming to get you, Barbara!

This past Thursday a scene that is becoming more and more familiar across America played out on the streets of downtown. The 5th annual Zombie Walk took place to raise money for the Humane Society. Over 800 participants donned make up, torn clothes and doused themselves in gallons of fake blood to prowl the streets and entertain onlookers. Zombies young and old, slow and fast, took to the streets to raise money for the cause.

Zombies gathered shortly before dark at the South Park gazebo in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. After some brief announcements, including the rules of the walk, the zombies started lumbering the span of the length of Mass Street. Yes, there are rules for a zombie walk, we must have rules otherwise we have anarchy and anarchy is not much different from a real zombie apocalypse; we don’t want that, now do we?

Zombies were asked to be sure not to make any messes and to refrain from touching the windows (shop owners don’t like that). They must keep their hands to their selves. no groping the onlookers this year. They were instructed to stay on the sidewalks, cross only at the signals, refrain from mobbing cars and no pounding on windows! Zombie and Zombie Hunters are asked to be sure that any weapons carried are clearly fake and cannot be mistaken for real weapons, and they are not to be pointed at anyone.

This year’s organizers asked for donation of some  goods needed to operate the local shelter from those  that could not afford a cash donation, the wish list  included Blue Dawn Dish Detergent, clumping cat  litter, bleach and laundry detergent. A  commemorative t-shirt was offered to those that  donated $10 or more cash. This year over $1000  was raised to support the Lawrence Humane Society  and help provide shelter to homeless animals.

A great time was had by all, and there is something  to be said for the bar scene downtown after the  walk. It opens the door for some really cheesy pick  up lines.

To see more pictures from the walk, check out my  flickr account. I’ll be uploading some of my favorites there as  I have time to edit.


2 responses to “They’re coming to get you, Barbara!

  1. Did you participate? Do tell! heehee
    I’m so glad to see events going on for animal shelters. Although all of the charitable organizations are suffering right now, it kills me to see the shelters closing left and right.

  2. Oh, I agree, it is heart wrenching. Actually, I had just come from work so I was one of the living dead. Tee hee, but I needed no special costume, I simply paid my $10 and snapped some pictures. Being downtown on Zombie night does offer the opportunity for one to hear some very interesting pick up lines, however.

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