That old black magic…..

Oh, there is voodoo in your words,

and your wrists tell jingle-jangle

of shiny metal bangles,

of gold and silver

found in sun-shy caves.

Out of the gaze

of your dark cemetery eyes,

shooting stars come my way,

I glow in their blinding shine.

Your voodoo lips

disturb my sleep,

your hair is caught

in the fingers

of my fantasies

and I am

dangling dangerously

deep in the swamps

of your love.

Despite what you may think, Voodoo is not magic, but a religion. Much as the Christian faith has different denominations, Voodoo too has spread across the globe and become adapted into different cultures. What we are most familiar with is Louisiana Voodoo. It is a cultural form of the Voodoo religions which historically developed within the French, Spanish, and Creole speaking African-American population of the deep South. They became syncretized with the Catholic religion and Francophone culture of South Louisiana as a result of the slave trade during the 18th & 19th centuries. Louisiana Voodoo is often confused with – but is not completely separable from – Haitian Voodou, Cuban Santeria and southeastern U.S. hoodoo. It differs from Haitian Vodou in its emphasis upon gris-gris, voodoo queens, use of “Hoodoo” occult paraphernalia and Li Grande Zombi (snake deity).

Hoodoo is a form of folk magic, also known as conjure. It incorporates practices from West African Voodun and Native America traditions, as well as some European magic practices, or grimoires. While folk practices like hoodoo are trans-cultural phenomena, what is particularly innovative in this tradition is the “remarkably efficacious use of biblical figures” in its practices and in the lives of its practitioners. Hoodoo in itself is the practice of magic.

Gris-gris, also spelled grigri, is aHoodoo amulet that protects the wearer from evil or brings luck. This use of the word Gris-Gris usually describes a small cloth bag worn on the person. Inside is placed a mixture of one or more of the following: herbs, oils, stones, bones, hair, nails, grave dirt, or other personal items. Originally gris-gris were probably dolls or images of the gods. Recreationally, it refers to any implements that aid in the act of making love.

Hoodoo Love Spell

1. Splash your hands, face, head, neck and chest with Florida water.
This is easily found online.
2. You need a voodoo doll that will represent the person you love, some lavender incense, dried rose petals, rose water, a magnet, chalk, a straight pin, two red candles and a personal belonging of your beloved like nails, hair or anything he or she owns.
3.The spell should be done nine days after the full moon cycle to be effective and before the stroke of midnight. If you happen to have a picture of the person you love, it is better to stick this to the doll’s face. This applies to any of his or her belongings.
4. In a private room, create two circles with the chalk and place the two candles side by side on one circle to form your altar. Surround the altar with incense and rose water to purify the circle. Once done, sit down inside the other circle and light the candles and the incense.
5. Prick the end of your finger with the straight pin and let at least one drop of blood fall on the heart area of the doll.
6.. Try as much as possible to have a clear mind while focusing on the person you desire. Come up with a mental image of what outcome you want and chant the following: “Listen to my voice, listen to my breath. I declare that you will always be mine, until death.” Say this with all your heart and feel it as you poke the voodoo doll three times with a pin into the doll’s heart area.  Repeat this while chanting the spell twice more. Place the doll in the center of the altar on top of the magnet.
7. Once done, snuff out the candles and the incense and leave the room without looking back. Return to the same room the following night for nine days to get your desired outcome.

I got bones in my pocketsand they rattle when I walk

I got bones in my pockets

and they clatter when I talk

I got bones in my pockets

I shake them all around

I got bones in my pockets

I pull them out and throw them down

I got good bones for some

bad bones for others

depending on how I read them

be advised

I got bones in my pockets

~ T. Sheridan


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